The Stories behind FUSION’s Cases: Ruissiraati Rocks Youth Engagement

Ruisrock is one of Finland’s oldest and most prominent festivals and offers their guests a journey into another world full of joy, friendship, and freedom. Their project Ruissiraati invites young people to become part of a youth panel that can actively influence the way the festival is organized. To find out the story behind Ruissiraati, we interviewed Ilona Numminen, producers at Ruisrock.

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The Stories Behind FUSION’s Cases: Cruïlla Teams Up with NGOs

When experts on festivals and NGOs join forces, festivals can realise their potential as platforms for social innovation. This is the case for Cruïlla – the festival acts as a steppingstone for young people and organisations to implement their own ideas for the benefit of society. In an interview, Cruïlla-CFO, Jordi Marí, explains why Cruïlla’s collaboration with NGOs has a positive impact.

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Festivals are impossible without youth

Young people come to music festivals to have fun, but they get much more in return: unforgettable experiences and an opportunity to develop their style and personality. This creates a responsibility for festivals, explains YOUROPE General Secretary Holger Schmidt. 

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