Experts on festivals and youth work have joined forces to create a tailored suite of resources, so that festivals can realize their potential as platforms for social innovation. FUSION will enable young people/organizations to use festivals as a steppingstone to implement their own ideas, products and technologies for the benefit of society.

What We Do

Festivals will act as social innovation incubators that empower young people to realize their potential to change society and will inspire them to tackle social issues in innovative ways beyond the scope of the event itself.

FUSION enables festivals and youth organizations to collaborate and unlock their potential for social innovation by providing them with a tailored suite of resources. These include an All You Need to Know Guide, a Reach and Teach Toolbox, Online Educational Resources as well as Alliances and Action Plans focused on social innovation at festivals.

Who We Are

FUSION is a pan-European, EU-funded project with partners from six different countries

Take a Stand, represented by Delta1


We are about Festivals and Social awareness 

Momentum Consulting


We are about Education and Innovation

Roskilde Festival


We are about Non-profit festivals and Youth work 

Canice Consulting

United Kingdom

We are about Web design and Education



We are about Supporting Youth and Promoting values 



We are a festival association and about knowledge exchange 

Istanbul Economic Research


We are about research and consulting


FUSION gives you all the tools you need to understand social innovation at festivals.
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Our guide on good practice examples of innovative projects from festivals will teach you all you need to know about young social innovation at live events.

FUSION Toolbox

We will create a set of educational tools that help festivals, youth organizations and young people to collaborate and start their own social projects.

FUSION Alliances

The FUSION alliances will connect festivals, youth events organizations and young people to get the best of their potential by using live events as tools.

The FUSION team combines expertise on social innovation, youth work and festival life – topics that go together much better than you would expect.

Inspirational Cases
FUSION Alliances

The Stories behind FUSION’s Cases: Ruissiraati Rocks Youth Engagement

Ruisrock is one of Finland’s oldest and most prominent festivals and offers their guests a journey into another world full of joy, friendship, and freedom. Their project Ruissiraati invites young people to become part of a youth panel that can actively influence the way the festival is organized. To find out the story behind Ruissiraati, we interviewed Ilona Numminen, producers at Ruisrock.

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